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The office of Inspector was introduced as compulsory on all nations in the 17th century. The idea was that the inspector would be a moral driving force that would keep track of the rambunctious students. The Inspectors task today is not quite as severe as it's predecessors. Among the Inspectors' tasks nowadays is to oversee the nation's current operations, as well as to represent the nation at ceremonial occasions. Västgöta nation's current inspector is Bertil Wiman, professor of Tax Law at Uppsala University. If Bertil for some reason can not attend or perform his tasks, the Proinspector Margareta Svan, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Scandinavian Languages, steps in his place.


First Curator (1Q)

The nation's First curator can be compared to a CEO. The First curator is elected by the members of the nation and holds office for one year. 1Q's duties include overall responsibility for the nation, such as administration, marketing, foundraising, property management, communicating with authorities, enforcing decisions and managing member questions. The First curator is also the nation's public face, as well as the spider in the web.

Current First curator is Elin Nilsson. She holds the office throughout 2017.


Second Curator (2Q)

The nation's Second curator is the nation's CFO. Among 2Q's responsibilities are the overall responsibility for the nation's current accounting and budgeting. 2Q is also in charge of hand-loans, parkings and scholarships. Like the First curator, the Second Curator tasks also include representation on various occasions. It is 2Q you turn to if you need to take a temporary loan or if you have questions about scholarships.

Current Second Curator is Fredrick Paulsson, who holds office for the period fall of 2016 - spring of 2017.


Third Curator (3Q)

The nation's Third Curator is the nation's restaurant and beverage manager. 3Q is in charge of all the regular activities such as fika, lunch, pub and restaurant. If you want to work at the nation, it is him you should turn to. Also, 3Q is in charge of the nation's hygiene-program. 

Current Third Curator is Gustav Johansson Lundqvist, and he holds office for the period fall 2016 - spring 2017.


Fourth Curator (4Q)

4Q is a quite new curator post. The nation's first 4Q begun her office in July 2014. 4Q is in charge of all the nation's rent-outs and all the dinners hosted by the nation, such as gasques and balls. The nation's 4Q is also responsible for the alcohol management of the nation, so if you have any questions regarding this matter, he is the person you should contact.

Current Fourth curator is named Hampus Persson, and he holds office throughout 2017. 

Öppettider förste och andre kurators expedition

15.00 - 17.00

10.00 - 12.00

15.00 - 17.00

16.00 - 18.00

Tredje och fjärde kurators expedition ligger i nationshuset, uppför trappan och sedan till vänster. Tredje och fjärde kurator har inga fastslagna expeditionstider, de nås enligt överenskommelse.


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