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Gasques and events

What is a gasque? It is often summarized as a formal dinner held by a student nation in Uppsala. That very brief explanation, however, does not give you the full understanding of the wonders of the gasques. 

The gasque tradition goes back hundreds of years and rest assure that they are still as popular today. A gasque is a formal dinner that usually consists of a three- course dinner, but also entertainment from the nation's choirs, theatrical performance, songs, speeches and other magnificent surprises. There are strict traditions regarding the gasques that often are very appreciated by the guests, usch as toasting after every song with a swedish snaps or singing to a person who just held a speech. A gasque is something essentially Uppsalian and definitly a must during your stay in town. Keep yourself updated on the nation's website and facebook about the upcoming events. You always sign up for a gasque by emailing the Forth Curator at 4Q@vastgotanation.se.



Crayfish Gasque

The perfect start of the autumn semester! This gasque combines some of the best things Sweden and Västgöta has to offer: songs, entertainment, good company and most important of all - a traditional swedish crayfish party. If you are not a fan of crayfish, do not worry - there are always options so that no one has to miss the party!


A highly recommended gasque for those of you who are new in town and have never been to a gasque! At the beginning of the semester, all Uppsalas nations have their own reccegasque for their new members. It is the gasque where you learn all the nation's ways and get to experience and learn the gasque traditions, the songs and so on, often for the very first time. It starts around 3 pm with a walk up to the University main building, with the nation's banner, drums and all, and a grand ceremony in the University aula with Uppsala University's principal, among others.

Following the ceremony is a three-course dinner at your own nation filled with all its traditions and entertainment, finished off with a splendid after party.

Songbook Gasque

This is a gasque for those of you who loves to sing or would like to learn more about the traditional Swedish drinking songs and student songs. At this dinner we try to sing as many songs in the Västgöta nation's songbook as possible. It isusually a two-course dinner which ends with a party lasting until 4 am.

Ladies' Dinner

This is a great dinner for all the ladies at the nation. The gentlemen of the nation spend weeks planning the whole gasque, which is held around a chosen theme. Arriving at the nation, the ladies receive a pre-drink and a walk-around-the-nation tour through different stations, where they compete, play or are just entertained by whatever it is the gentlemen have prepared. The whole evening ends with a gasque and a party that lasts until 4 am.

Gentlemens' Dinner

This dinner follows the same concept as the ladies' dinner, but with a vice versa arrangement. Now it is up to the ladies to arrange a dinner at least as sparkling as the one the men prepared a couple of weeks before. They usually excel. A three-course dinner then follows and afterwards everybody gets to go to another nation and party until 4 am.


Lucia Gasque

The nation's Chef and sexmästerister (pub hosts) have been working for weeks in the kitchen to prepare the big and amazing Swedish tradition: Julbord (Swedish Christmas smorgasbord). Table after table with traditional christmas food and desserts - but do not get too full! There is a party going on afterwards that ends at 4 am. The Lucia gasque is one of the most popular events hosted by nation and the last for the semester before the holidays.


Saucer Gasque

A quite diffieent gasque that Västgöta nation hosts together with Värmlands and Gotlands nations. During a whole day the guests drink Irish coffee, play and compete against each other at Slottsbacken, dance at the afterski and finish the day off with a gasque. It is an extraordinary day - make sure you do not miss out!

Culture Gasque

Västgöta nation has proud cultural traditions that we want to celebrate once a year, in spring. The nations theatre society, the choirs and the cantata preform and show off at this lovely gasque.

Gentlemens' Dinner

Comes again every semester. See above for information.

Ladies' Dinner

Comes again every semester. See above for information.

May Dinner

The may dinner, on the first of May, is one of the oldest and most traditional gasques in the nation's history. Before the dinner, we walk up to the old part of Uppsala's graveyard and put down a wreath on the nation's grave, where members of the nation are put to rest, if they so desire.

Summer Dinner

A gasque in the middle of the summer? Of course! For those who have gasque abstinence the summer dinner is a perfect way to see your friends you hav not seen all summer! Most important of all, this is also the occasion to thank the Second and Third curator for their year at the nation. 

Öppettider förste och andre kurators expedition

15.00 - 17.00

10.00 - 12.00

15.00 - 17.00

16.00 - 18.00

Tredje och fjärde kurators expedition ligger i nationshuset, uppför trappan och sedan till vänster. Tredje och fjärde kurator har inga fastslagna expeditionstider, de nås enligt överenskommelse.


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